Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
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The Deadland Haunted House is ALIVE!!

The Deadland Haunted House is BACK and well alive! We will return for the 2011 season in a all new location in Warren taking over Deadly Intentions Haunted House in the Countyline antique market. Due to poor health conditions of Howard Erlich, owner of Deadly Intentions. He made the hard decision to sell off Deadly Intentions to us this past November after the 2010 season was over. Construction has already begun for us cleaning out the place and moving in Deadland. Our main focus right now is to make an easy transition between the two haunts and to give metro-Detroit the same in your face scares and startles. We have so many new and cool ideas that will sure be a thrill. Many Deadly Intentions customers will probably not know that it is no longer Deadly intentions until they are in line buying a ticket. We hope to keep the established crowds and offer them the greatest show around! This is why we decided to start a blog to keep metro-Detroit informed of the changes that are taking place. Stay tuned!